intelligent sound

at hearfilm, we believe you get what you pay for and that’s why we don’t use our expensive designer couches or our shiny espresso machine to distract you from what’s important: your product. and by consistently providing our clients with quality sound production on or before deadline, we have developed a solid reputation as a trusted little shop. to top it all off, we give transparent estimates for all of our work beforehand so that you won’t break your budget.

What we provide

hearfilm provides dedicated audio services for film (features and documentaries), television (programs and commercials), video games and web content. We handle on-location sound, post-production, sound design, music composition and song licensing, voice over talent and equipment rental. we are proud of what we do and invite you to hear the difference.

location sound
In a Sound Stage, Process Trailer or On Location, We are equipped to handle audio services for any production. We do timecoded sound packages for Music Videos too!

post production
A picture is worth 1000 words. Make sure the audience can hear them. Whether you need sound design, foley or a THX certified surround mix, we do it all, including sound restoration, noise reduction and music video sound packages.

sound design
If a tree falls in the forest, we’ll make sure you hear it. but if it doesn’t, and you still need it to, our sound designers and foley artists have still got you covered. From exploding sci-fi space ships to the faintest of caterpillar footsteps, our original sound design experts can provide the effects you need.

music composition
If you need original music, our talented composers can provide an aural soundscape to fit any atmosphere. From electronic to orchestral, our tunesmiths will capture the perfect essence for your project and then distill it to a :30 spot or expand it for a feature length film. Go on, have a listen.

song licensing
So you know what you want already? If your wallet can’t cover the original, we can make you something similar at a fraction of the price.

voice talent
From voice-overs and narration to cartoon characters, choose from one of our voice talents, or bring your actor into our facility to create the elements necessary to convey the theme and style you require.

equipment rental
Yes. We even loan our equipment.

Please contact us at info (at) for a quote.